More benefits in every layer

BMI EverGuard delivers multiple benefits for your roof - as a hardwearing, reliable TPO product and a complete solution.

The complete BMI EverGuard system

Single-ply roofing is flexible membranes that meet challenging design briefs of flat or curved-roof projects while delivering excellent thermal insulation and airtightness, reducing a building's carbon footprint, and providing long-lasting protection.

Our synthetic solutions are available with or without a fleece backing to provide scope for all methods of application, such as mechanically fastened, adhered, or loose laid and ballasted. All seams are heat welded to form a complete and durable roofing membrane system, giving superior protection against leaks.


- High performance with a proven track record

- Meets design challenges: suitable for all substrates and shapes

- Full comprehensive systems including all components

- Single-ply solutions: easy, quick, and safe applications without flame

- High UV resistance and wind-up lift values

- Excellent sustainable credentials

BMI EverGuard system

Everguard Membrane Waterproofing

Best in class and unique on the market, BMI EverGuard® TPO membranes have been installed on more than 300 million square meters of roofs across the world.

High-end quality membranes with a polyester knitted scrim reinforcement, EverGuard® TPO provides excellent durability, weather resistance and protection against extreme heat or cold.

BMI offer a full system solution including BMI Drill-Tec fasteners, BMI insulation boards, BMI vapour barrier, to all kinds of roofs coroneted with an optimal warranty concept.

Suitable for:

  • all types of roof waterproofing (renovation and new): mechanically fixing application for UV exposed roofs

  • non-accessible roofs with a slope (>1%) including utility areas

  • low, medium or high hygrometric buildings

Can be installed on:

  • steel, concrete, timber or wooden load bearing elements with thermal insulation boards