LeakProof System

Secure Your Indoor Spaces from Roof Infiltrations. Experience our advanced leakproof roofing solutions, meticulously crafted for enduring strength and optimal performance. Defend your dwelling from potential water hazards, and guarantee its longevity through our novel systems, aptly designed for a variety of roofing requirements.
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Address and counteract the problems of a leaking roof

The incessant heavy rainfall can make the roof leakages a significant concern. Beyond mere water infiltration, a leaking roof can result in a range of building complications including weakened roof structure, timber truss decay, ceiling watermarks, mould growth, and various other damages.

Certain parts of the roof, such as the ridge, hip, wall abutments, and ventilation outlets, are especially prone to leaks. The risk of roof leakages is greatly amplified when inappropriate construction techniques, products, or solutions are used.

Heavy rainfall or light drizzles, Monier's dry fix waterproofing solutions provide effective protection against roof leaks.

Roofing issues and subsequent repairs can weigh heavily on your pocket and peace of mind. Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. That's why choosing the right products from the outset is crucial. At BMI, we pride ourselves on offering an array of Leakproof solutions meticulously designed to fortify the most critical sections of your roof. Whether facing the intensity of a thunderstorm or the persistence of drizzles, with BMI by your side, rest assured, your roof remains leak-free.