Roof renovation

Revitalize your property with BMI's expert roof renovation solutions. From selecting tiles to ensuring durability, our team ensures a seamless blend of aesthetics and function for every makeover.
Roof renovation

Why Roof Renovation?

A renovated roof can:

  1. Boost Property Value : A well-maintained roof increases the resale value of your home.

  2. Enhance Energy Efficiency : Modern roofing materials can reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat.

  3. Bolster Weather Protection : Newer materials are better equipped to handle India's diverse climate.

  4. Rejuvenate Home Aesthetics : Change is refreshing, and a new roof can transform the way your home looks.

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Key Considerations for Roof Renovation

Assessing Your Current Roof

Before making any changes, it’s crucial to evaluate the current state of your roof. Look for signs of wear, damage, and water leaks. Consult with roofing professionals for a thorough assessment.

Understanding Roofing Materials

Choosing the right roofing material plays a crucial role in renovation. Here's where BMI India's premier products come into the picture:

  • Mineral Roof Tiles : Crafted to endure, these tiles fuse functionality with aesthetic appeal. Their versatility makes them suitable for various Indian architectural styles. Moreover, their durability ensures that your home remains protected for decades.

  • Imported Clay Roof Tiles : For those with a taste for global aesthetics infused with quality, these tiles are an impeccable choice. They add a touch of classic elegance, reminiscent of traditional Indian homes, but with the durability of modern roofing solutions.

Climate Adaptability

India's varied climate requires roofing solutions that cater to both the scorching summers and torrential monsoons. BMI India’s offerings are designed to be adaptable, ensuring maximum comfort indoors, irrespective of the season.


While renovating, it's essential to work within a budget. With BMI India, you can be assured of getting value for every rupee spent, thanks to the longevity and minimal maintenance needs of their products.

The Benefits of Choosing BMI India for Your Roof Renovation

  1. Expert Guidance : BMI India provides in-depth consultations, ensuring that homeowners make informed decisions tailored to their unique needs.

  2. Eco-Friendly Solutions : With a commitment to sustainability, BMI India’s tiles are environmentally friendly, making them an excellent choice for the eco-conscious homeowner.

  3. Enhanced Roof Lifespan : The superior quality ensures that your roof remains in peak condition for longer, eliminating frequent renovations.

  4. Authentic Indian Aesthetics : Both mineral and clay tiles resonate with the Indian architectural ethos, giving homes an authentic yet contemporary appearance.


Roof renovation is more than just an aesthetic upgrade; it’s an investment in your home's future. With BMI India’s mineral and clay roof tiles, you don’t just renovate; you transform, ensuring your abode stands tall and beautiful in the heart of India. If you're considering a roof overhaul, let BMI India be your trusted partner in this journey of transformation.