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Design with precision at BMI: Expert roofing for every project, from residences to commercial spaces. Partner with us for detailed plans, roof calculations, and bespoke solutions that elevate your architectural vision.
Design a project

Designing with Precision: BMI’s Roofing Mastery

The art of creating a structure is not merely about its walls and foundations but also the protective shield overhead - the roof. At BMI, we not only craft this shield but weave it seamlessly into your architectural vision.

Integrating Expert Roof Solutions

Every architectural marvel deserves roofing that complements its intricacy and beauty. At BMI, we’re not just providers; we’re collaborators. Our role extends beyond furnishing roofing products. We partner with architects, builders, and construction professionals, ensuring that the roofing solutions align perfectly with the building's comprehensive design.

From the earliest phase, expect from us meticulously detailed drawings, precise calculations for thermal insulation values, in-depth condensation risk assessments, and solutions tailored to counter such risks.

Our Spectrum of Services
Bespoke Solutions for Your Vision

Whatever the scale or complexity of your project, BMI's dedicated Area Designers stand by you, every step of the way.

  • Expertise in designing both pitched and flat roofs

  • Product consultation to match your requirements

  • Detailed construction specifics

  • Comprehensive drafting of product specifications

  • Hands-on, on-site assistance

Recognising the criticality of roofs, they shield structures from myriad elements – be it the lashing rain, scorching sun, or the weight of snow. Hence, the choice of the roof type and the materials used in its construction can't be overstated. For instance, a flat roof in snow-prone regions or a slate roof in areas with intense sunlight might not be optimal.

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Diverse Roofing Choices

Flat Roofs

Typically incorporating a subtle incline for effective water drainage, about 3%, flat roofs are prevalent in warm climates. However, advancements in roofing materials have extended their applicability to varied climates. Noteworthy types of flat roofs include:

  • Passable Roofs : Common in Mediterranean coastal areas, these roofs can be walked upon, expanding usable space.

  • Inverted Roofs : A deviation from the usual, these roofs sequence their elements as slope, waterproofing, and then insulation, necessitating a waterproof insulation.

  • Flooded Roofs : Suited for locales experiencing significant temperature fluctuations, these roofs serve a thermoregulatory function.

Pitched Roofs

Deemed ‘pitched’ when the gradient surpasses 10%, these roofs are characterized by their slopes or skirts. Prominent types encompass:

  • Gable Roofs : Constituted by two converging slopes, they culminate at a ridge. Their triangular enclosures provide the necessary structural support.

  • Single-slope Roofs : As the name suggests, these roofs lean in one direction, ensuring rainwater drainage.

  • Hipped Roofs : Four-sided roofs, each side inclines downward, making them sturdy and weather-resistant.

In the complex tapestry of architectural design, let BMI provide the perfect roofing touch, adding both function and flair to your project.

BIM Downloads for Your Project

Streamline Your Design Process with Our BIM Resources

At BMI, we understand the evolving needs of modern architecture and construction. BIM has revolutionised the design process, offering a dynamic, 3D, real-time approach to building design and documentation. To assist you in integrating our solutions seamlessly into your projects, we provide detailed BIM files for our range of products.

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Dive deeper into our comprehensive resources tailored for professionals. Whether you're interested in specific roof types or seeking downloadable assets, our organized collection ensures you find exactly what you're looking for.