For over 100 years, Redland has been a feature of the Great British Roofscape - a fixture of it’s fabric, from the products and systems at work on the rooftop, to supporting the roofers and construction teams that make it all possible, with a range that inspires homeowners and building users.

This means that we have a responsibility, to our customers, to deliver excellence, quality and inspiration in products, systems and services, enabling your roof to perform and protect better.

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Before British Standards, there were Redland Standards

The industry standards and our role in technical advocacy
Industry standards
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Training the industry

Our BMI Academy is the UK’s first centre for roofing industry training- offering in depth online and in-person courses
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Tested to the extremes

No BMI Redland product enters the market without passing a comprehensive programme of stringent tests in our world-leading validation centre.
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Tested to the extremes

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