Mind Mental Health Charity, Newham with Sealoflex

Built in the 1960s, the Open House is a single storey building that is occupied by a charity that could not afford to replace the original roof, even though it was failing badly and made much of the building unusable.
Liquid waterproofing

The Project

Due to the charitable nature of the project, we donated the materials, drew up the original specification based upon a site inspection and commissioned TFG Refurbishment to carry out the works.

The East London mental health charity Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham (MITHN) occupies the building. It provides vital mental health support for more than 4,500 people in Tower Hamlets, Newham, Havering and Redbridge.

Despite the Covid lockdown, some staff were still working in Open House so TFG had to ensure that its staff were effectively segregated from MITHN staff.

  • Project name: Mind Newham

  • Contractor: TFG Refurbishment

  • Client: Mind, Mental Health Charity

  • Solution: Sealoflex



“The charity now has a usable, flagged roof that provides a further amenity for its clients and is guaranteed for 20 years”

TFG (Contractor)


Above and Beyond

“We believe that we have gone beyond the specification to ensure that the roof will last far longer than the 20 year guarantee.”

TFG (Contractor)


The Challenge

The Challenge

Once intrusive works began it was clear that the specification would have to be adjusted. The original roof was tapered-to-falls using a trowel-applied compound, so a bespoke system using tapered-to-falls insulation had to be designed. The original outlets were too small to accommodate the amount of rainwater that a roof of this size, 60m2, could have to drain so the flow was attenuated by creating a border of pea shingle.

The charity had retrofitted a large ornamental steel fence that also acted as a safety barrier but had drilled through the roof to do so, which had led to water penetration. TFG metal workers had to take down the fence, adjust it to fit the new roofing levels and equip it with additional supports that did not compromise the roof.

Once work started the charity also asked for the large bike shed to be removed, adding a further 20m2 to the roof area to be replaced. The shed was also on a two-tonne concrete pad that had to be broken up and removed.


The Solution

The Solution

Sealoflex delivered complete flexibility, complete coverage and complete peace of mind, meeting every demand while minimising downtime and disruption to the project and the flow of life around it.

Six teams covering various trades were employed in the course of this six-week project:

  • Team One: Erected scaffolding so that the site could be accessed by personnel without sharing any entrances or areas used by Mind staff.

  • Team Two: Demolition. This required a caged van on-site all day to collect waste materials and then transport them either to other TFG sites, if recyclable hardcore, or to specialist waste recycling centre.

  • Team Three: Skilled craftsmen responsible for installing the BMI Icopal roofing system as per the training at the BMI Academy.

  • Team Four: Installed the paving system, concrete flags seated on T-pads.

  • Team Five: This team cleaned the site and removed all excess materials.

  • Team Six: Metalworkers welded extra supports to the security fence which was then reinstalled.


The Impact

The Impact

The charity now has a usable, flagged roof that provides a further amenity for its clients and is guaranteed for 20 years, though the TFG team believed that it has gone beyond the specification to ensure that it will last far longer.

The project cost the charity very little, which was aided by BMI donating the materials used within the project. The new roof has meant that Mind can continue their amazing work in providing advice and support to empower people experiencing a mental health problem.