White Collar Factory with Liquid Waterproofing

Overlooking London’s captivating skyline, this iconic running track sits on top of the White Collar Factory in London’s Old Street Yard complex.
Liquid waterproofing

The Project

The roof track is located 16 storeys high, measuring at 4,500 metres squared. Topped with a sedum green roof, a café/bar, terraced decking and a 150 metre perimeter “rubber crumb” running track- it’s definitely one of a kind! The solutions used for this project were Icopal Parabit Hot Melt Waterproofing System and Thermazone Hydroshield Inverted Roof Insulation

  • Project name: White Collar Factory

  • Location: Central London

The Challenge

The Challenge

The Contractor commented that in their 13 years of trading this project was by far the most challenging, difficult and complex contract they have ever undertaken. The very top roof overlooking the London Skyline is topped with a sedum green roof and terraced decking as a further recreational area for the building occupants.


The Solution

The Solution

Utilising Icopal Parabit Hot Melt Waterproofing System and Thermazone Hydroshield Inverted Roof Insulation the contractor created a secure waterproof structure on which to develop the usable green spaces. The Icopal Technical Services department also found this project a real challenge creating over 120 bespoke detail drawings to satisfy a very demanding client.


The Impact

The Impact

The building was voted top spot of London’s coolest offices and also won visionary building of the year 2016. The finished result speaks for itself, the perimeter rubber crumb running and athletics track installed at perimeters is innovative and extremely eye catching. An installation of this sort has never been done before on a Building at high as this in the UK.


Hot Melt

Hot Melt

BMI Icopal hot melt systems are fully-reinforced, self-healing waterproofing membranes, specially developed for inverted, green and plaza deck waterproofing applications. Designed for concrete substrates, our hot melt system represents the optimum solution for speed of application and cost-effectiveness.

Key features

  • Self-healing

  • Monolithic waterproofing

  • Fully reinforced

  • Ideal for new build

hot melt render