Beauval Zoo: waterproofing on metal roof panels

The roof terrace of the restaurant adjoining the tropical dome at the Beauval zoo was waterproofed thanks to our double-layer bituminous waterproofing solution made up of Paradiene FM and Paracier G.
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Waterproofing the roof terrace adjoining the tropical dome at the Beauval zoo

A project on metal roof panels in a very tight time frame

Environmental roofs with architecture for animals

Zoos and natural parks have changed a lot in recent years. More recent projects give increasing importance to the ecosystem in which animals live and can be visited. Park architecture has thus changed its configuration, embracing projects and construction methods in which design and nature are in harmony.

Transparent architecture and materials chosen with a view to protecting animals. Roofs for buildings with visitors can therefore be designed using materials with specific technical characteristics, such as fire or wind resistance, or to meet particular architectural requirements.

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The challenge

The Beauval Zoo is an ambitious wildlife leisure park project which features an equatorial dome, one of the its impressive elements. With a height of 38 meters and a diameter of 100 meters, the circular building has a floor area of approximately 14,000 m2, along with a 1700 m2 roof terrace above the restaurant area that borders the greenhouse. To waterproof this external section, a solution was needed that would be adapted to the metal panel load-bearing parts and which would meet the requirements of speedy project management (the entire zoo was built in only 2 and a half years).

The solutions

To waterproof the roof terrace, we proposed the application of our double-layer bituminous waterproofing solution made up of Paradiene FM and Paracier G. The advantage of this solution is that it delivers excellent performance in terms of wind and fire resistance, and it can be adapted to metal roof panels. The first waterproofing layer Paradiene FM was thus mechanically attached to then accommodate the Paracier G layer which was fully welded. Implementation took only one month, so the solution perfectly met the tight deadlines of the site.

Beauval Zoo

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

  • Contracting authority: Beauval Zoo

  • General contractor: Cabinet BOITT

  • Waterproofing companies: TEC Etanchéité

  • Surface area: 1700 m²

  • Location: Saint-Aignan (41)

  • Date: mid-April to May 2019

  • Products: Paradiene FM + Paracier G


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