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Making more of your roof

Green roofs to provide a calming space or to enhance biodiversity. Blue roofs to manage and contain rainwater. Solar panels to generate energy, cutting costs and carbon. Tough waterproof surfaces to create areas for parking. Even solutions to help purify the surrounding air from toxic gases. There is so much more that BMI can help you to get out of your roof.

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New horizons

Our dedicated research teams are constantly exploring new frontiers in roofing design and performance, developing products, systems, solutions and services. From tiles which help to keep the space below them cool, to the latest leaps in sustainable drainage and water capturing systems, and modular installation methods, we work tirelessly to improve the comfort, value and sustainability of your roof.


In-board PV panels on a pitched roof


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Roofing options

From homes to stadiums, we can help to identify the right solution for you.



About flat and pitched roofs

Learn more about what makes a reliable roof, and how you can get the most out of them.

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Where to buy

Our experienced export team supplies roofing solutions to all parts of the world.

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