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Recognising and supporting the best roofing contractors, with a complete portfolio of training courses, the most comprehensive guarantees on the market and a complete suite of sales and marketing support tools. Introducing BMI RoofPro
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BMI RoofPro, a program with benefits for you

BMI has created RoofPro with the aim of rising the standards of our industry by:

  • Increasing the level of competence and expertise of our roofers

  • Generating confidence and peace of mind in home & building owners when deciding to install a BMI system in their roofs

Members of BMI RoofPro receive access to:

  • Enhanced guarantees, including the exclusive Solution Guarantee, providing cover for products plus installation

  • BMI training and certification through our 360° training service delivered by BMI Academy

  • A complete suite of sales and marketing support tools, designed to help your business perform more effectively and secure more work

Benefits for all tiers

The BMI RoofPro programme offers three tiers of membership for roofing contractors. Starting as a Partner member, contractors are encouraged and rewarded for progressing to Expert or even Elite tier membership

Roofing contractors are assigned to a specific membership tier based on their knowledge, expertise and engagement with BMI.

Each tier provides different privileges and benefits that will boost the performance of roofing contractors, enabling members to claim a competitive advantage

All your training, in one place

All your training, in one place

BMI Academy provides a 360° training service for all roofing professionals, including face-to-face training, online sessions and a wide range of E-learning courses, covering topics such as:

  • How to specify and install BMI products and systems

  • Managing health and safety practices

  • Improving sales and business performance

your training in one place

The best guarantees in the market

The best guarantees in the market

You can have access to an enhanced group of different guarantees:

  • Product Guarantee: Our single-product guarantee has been developed to ensure every BMI product used in a roofing application will perform as expected

  • System Guarantee: Our system guarantee gives building owners and roofers confidence in the compatibility and long-term performance of their BMI roofing system

  • Solution Guarantee: Our edge-to-edge guarantee of durability to resist against water ingress of the product system, covering the products, system and installation failures

the best guarantees in the market

Effective sales and marketing support

Effective sales and marketing support

All BMI RoofPro members benefit from a complete range of sales and marketing tools to support business growth and improved performance. This includes generating sales leads and promotional opportunities, exclusive discounts and offers applied to complementary products and services, access to branded merchandise, digital assets and printed collateral. Everything created with your needs in mind.

effective sales and marketing support

Your indispensable online tool

Your indispensable online tool

The BMI InTouch Portal is a specially-developed web-based application for BMI RoofPro members. Through the portal, members receive the full benefits of the programme, including BMI Academy training, project management, enhanced guarantees and the latest news and support available from your local BMI team.

indispensable online tool

The best guarantees in the market

Intouch: The Heart of BMI RoofPro

Though Intouch, the BMI RoofPro members can get access to all the benefits of the program, manage their roofing projects, teams and guarantees, book trainings in the BMI Academies, be trained 24 hours a day through the best elearning courses about roofing, etc.

Intouch: The Heart of BMI RoofPro