Rethink roofs

Innovative roofing solutions for higher revenue streams, greater employee satisfaction, reduced operational costs and a positive impact on the environment.
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Why you should re-think your roof

At BMI, we understand the value that the right roof can bring for modern businesses. As a building owner or Corporate Real Estate Manager, we know you’ll be looking for a roof which not only provides peace of mind, but which also drives long-term business value, enhances employee experience, delivers on CSR and ensures the best ROI.

From innovative materials that are both sustainable and easily maintainable, to  designs which unlock the potential of your roof space, BMI roofing solutions can help you deliver new profitable revenue streams.

To speak to someone for help and advice about your project design, specification and budget or for information about site inspections and maintenance programs, please email us.

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Unlock the potential of your roof space and deliver new profitable revenue streams

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Protecting your assets

Green roofs

Blue roofs

Solar roofs

The potential of roofs

The potential of roofs

There’s a vast amount of potential to be unlocked by rethinking your roof space - in fact, roofs cover up to 32% of cities and built-up areas and are hugely underutilised. 

At BMI, we offer flexible, high quality solutions to suit any roof and any business. We know that different sectors face their own specific challenges - that’s why we like to be involved right from the start, meaning you get an end result which has been specified and installed with your business’s particular needs in mind.

the potential of roofs

What benefits can you expect?

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Satisfying both your CSR and sustainability ambitions

We don't think that CSR objectives, such as reducing your carbon footprint, should be at odds with delivering ROI or complying to the latest regulations. With smart thinking and innovative materials, sustainable roofs can raise property resale value.
helping to protect your assets

Helping to protect your assets

Properly certified solutions can significantly improve your portfolio by reducing risk (and insurance premiums) so ensuring operational continuity. BMI"s roofing solutions are tested to go above and beyond quality standards set by regulators.
improving employee vellbeing

Improving employees happiness

It's no secret that shared spaces bring employees together and foster a healthy company culture. Turning your roof into an outdoor garden space can help to inspire creative thinking and improve overall work life balance.

Why BMI?

With over 165 year of experience, we’re proud to be Europe’s largest roofing solution manufacturer, with a strong portfolio of trusted leading brands.  Our network of technical experts and specialists means we have local resource and knowledge right where you need us for all your corporate property projects.

We’re committed to providing high-quality roofing solutions which you can trust. All of our products are rigorously tested to satisfy the most demanding standards, and our installers are extensively trained at BMI Academies to ensure that strict installation standards are upheld. This means you can get roof system guarantees that cover both product and workmanship.

We offer Europe’s most comprehensive range of solutions in the widest range of markets, so no matter what your business or your needs, you can be sure our team will have the expertise to help you realise your roof’s potential. And we also have well established operations in the Middle East, Africa, and AsiaPac. Our sister company, GAF, is the US’s leading roofing manufacturer too.