If you’re looking to ensure the highest levels of safety and performance for your solar PV roofing project, our free-of-charge EcoMaster service provides a full design and specification.

Ensuring High Performance with Your Solar Roof Tiles Design

Looking for reliable system performance estimates and access to a comprehensive list of all components required for your PV roofing project? Our EcoMaster specification service offers all you need. 

For installers, homeowners and professional specifiers, our unique, and easy-to-use design and specification tool accurately specifies the BMI Redland Solar Range components required for your solar PV project, saving time and eliminating unnecessary risks to the integrity and design of your system.

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Guaranteed peace of mind

Guaranteed peace of mind

Backed by the unrivalled roofing expertise of BMI Redland, EcoMaster ensures the highest levels of safety and quality for your roofing project with every solar roof tile specification created. Beyond this, solar PV systems specified, installed, commissioned and maintained following BMI Redland instructions will be covered by a “Power Output Guarantee” for the solar panels, providing further peace of mind. EcoMaster projects are also guaranteed weathertight and secure for 15 years when incorporated within a wider BMI Redland SpecMaster project.

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Fast and convenient

Fast and convenient

To take advantage of our efficient EcoMaster solar roof tiles specification service, simply complete the form below. Following an initial feasibility study for your proposed project, our team will process your specification within 10 working days. Please note that EcoMaster specifications can only be produced for projects in the UK.

Use our fast, convenient solar roof tile specification service today, or contact our BMI Redland Technical Services team for additional support.

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