Croxden Court with Cambrian Slate

The poor condition of the 30-year old fibre cement roof, including the presence of asbestos meant a substantial roofing replacement project was needed.
Cambrian Slate

The Project

The old roof needed to be replaced after only 30 years, with both the roof itself and the substructure in poor condition. So, the new roof needed to put long-lasting quality at the forefront. This roofing project was important to protect the occupants inside the building.

The utmost care had to be taken to ensure as little disturbance as possible was made to the tenants below the roof, and the team had to work carefully to ensure that these requirements were met.



“BMI Redland’s SpecMaster service ensured complete, end-to-end system specification that delivered optimum results.”

Breyer Group (Contractor)



“The project ran smoothly and without issue. Communication was constant – both remotely and on site”

Breyer Group (Contractor)


The Challenge

The Challenge

The complexity of the roof was rooted in its challenging pitch levels, mainly down to 15 degrees, together with a range of varying features, levels and pitched areas. Following an initial architectural investigation, it was clear that the original specification of fibre cement would not perform sufficiently with this configuration.

An additional source of complexity was sensitivity to the needs of the building’s occupants in use – the presence of older residents, many with life-limiting health issues, meant that noise and disruption needed to be kept to a minimum. So, the contractor team worked with sensitivity and awareness, including working to restricted hours, to ensure the project stayed on track while not impacting on the quality of life of Croxden Court’s residents.


The Solution

The Solution

The contractor identified BMI Redland Cambrian Slate
as having the ability to be installed easily and securely on this roof without changing the whole roofing structure itself, due to its wider range of pitch compatibility.

Responsibly rescuing natural Welsh slate from waste and recycling it into a new solution, Cambrian is an alternative that delivers greater performance as well as aesthetics.

Cambrian provides a complete system solution with all fittings and components, backed by a 15-year system guarantee, and a 60-year product warranty. The longer guarantee period underpinning the product gave the client increased reassurance as to the long-term performance and integrity of the new roof.

Working to secure compliance and ensuring all materials and workmanship were to the highest standards, the team together succeeded in delivering a stunning new roof for Croxden Court that would provide peace of mind for decades to come for the client and resident retirees alike.


The Impact

The Impact

Croxden Court’s new roof is now fit for purpose. So, this project is effective proof of the concept of using a Cambrian system to overcome challenging roof architecture, with greater flexibility and easier installation across a wider range of pitches.

In the long term, it’s also proof that clients can benefit from focusing not on immediate costs, but on total lifetime value. With a 15-year system guarantee (in comparison to no guarantees for fibre cement) and a 60-year Cambrian product warranty, the client can look forward to a roof that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but will also perform efficiently and reliably for decades to come.


Cambrian Slate System

Cambrian Slate System

Cambrian Slate captures all the beauty and character of natural slate. Made from over 60%recycled Welsh slate, it leads the BMI Redland range in both looks and performance

A system designed for mono or duo pitched roofs, using Cambrian slates that is ideal for any new or refurbishment situation. The Cambrian slate provides a practical, durable and cost effective roofing solution for years to come.

Key Features and benefits

  • Riven surface and dressed edges

  • Peace of mind with complete system from one trusted supplier

  • Suitable for even the most exposed sites

  • Proven track record - even on pitches as low as 15 degrees

Cambrian system image