Chimney Pot Park with Tecnatorch

This £40 million project (2005) transformed a stock of 349 run-down two-bedroom terraced houses into contemporary homes with living areas upstairs and two ground-floor bedrooms.
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Designed by ShedKM architects and developed by Urban Splash in partnership with Salford City Council, Chimney Pot Park has revitalised terraced living and a previously dilapidated area of Salford marked for demolition into modern and affordable housing for local families and young professionals.

The area of Seedley and Langworthy had been suffering from neglect and crime for years, and as with many older inner urban areas with a history in the 19th century manufacturing industry, the age, the lack of demand for this type of housing and a slump in house prices led to a physical decline and an increase in people leaving the area.

  • Client: Urban Splash

  • Architect: ShedKM, Liverpool

  • Contractor: MAC Roofing and Contracting Ltd

  • Area: 8,000m²

The Challenge

The Challenge

It was a demanding and complicated project with the major concern at the time being the limited storage space for materials on site. Also, in order to get maximum use of space on the site footprint, the roof space was opened up to create vaulted ceilings with mezzanine levels for living rooms and kitchens. Height was at a premium and the roof construction had to be kept as thin as possible.

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The Solution

The Solution

8,000m² of BMI Icopal's Tecnatorch SBS capsheet, with its unique patented groove technology which allows fast application and saves energy during application without detriment to bond strength or waterproofing integrity, was installed under the decks of the roof terraces that give access to the living areas at first floor level.

With limited storage available, a very tight supply window was given to Icopal to replenish the stocks on site and BMI Icopal's logistics helped to make the job run smoothly.

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