Roof leak detection

For the first time ever, the new BMI FeuchteSensor humidity sensor can detect damaging humidity in roof finishes. This development represents an entirely new method for the measurement of humidity in flat roofs.
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BMI FeuchteSensor humidity sensor – for new builds and for renovation

Early detection of moisture damage on a flat roof to prevent consequential damage

Water penetration is a sure sign that roofing protection has failed. Up to now, it has been impossible or extremely difficult for building owners to gauge the actual extent of any possible water damage identified on a roof. This has made it hard to know how much repair work will be required, or even whether it will ultimately even be successful. In addition, any solar PV panels, green areas or terracing on roofs – whose price per square metre are considerably higher than just roof insulation – mean that the roof has a different purpose and therefore requires additional structural changes.

The FeuchteSensor humidity sensor offers the possibility of using sensors and 21st century science to provide clear information on the current status of the roof and its structure. The system is able to provide information on how watertight a roof is, as well as predict timeframes for remedial work without the need for incurring additional costs for investigation work on the roof. Potential dampening of structural parts over time can also be identified and measured over time with the help of the FeuchteSensor system. Monitoring is simple and easy and remote, and involves nothing more than a browser where you can monitor the output of each individual sensor.

Advantages at a glance

  • lower repair costs in case of an issue thanks to fast, targeted fault finding 

  • cost savings if repair work is necessary thanks to the correct identification of when the work is due, the correct identification of humidity than can affect the roof and the selection of the right work to undertake

  • provides metrological proof of the roof status over repeated roof tests 

  • monitoring of a roof surface of between 100 and 200 m² with just a single sensor 

  • can replace the “water sample” test required for hand-off

  • proves functionality of the roof structure and watertightness of roof waterproofing

  • monitoring of humidity over time in the roof structure 

  • proof of successful roof repair

  • proof or conservation of evidence for damage by third parties

  • safe use of roof area beyond its theoretical lifespan

  • increase of usage category for flat roofs from K2 (20 years) to K3 (30 years) in accordance with Austrian ÖNORM standards

  • additional benefits of parts (drying out, releasing pressure) possible



Bernhard Pfeiffer
Key-Account Manager
Humidity sensors


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