Digitalisation and smart building solutions

Innovative digital solutions allow us to communicate technical data and the state of health of a building.
smart building solutions

Technology and data analysis in building automation

Technology and data analysis in building automation

Domotics and building automation, which concern the study of digital technologies applied in order to improve the quality of life in the home and generally in all buildings, have been in vogue for several decades and are now widely assimilated in the industry. They are also intertwined with issues of particular relevance today, such as sustainability, given that the technology is useful in helping to reduce waste and to allow the home or building to reduce its environmental footprint.

It is only in recent years, however, that the concept of data-driven buildings, able to communicate useful technical data on the state of health of the building to all concerned, has come to the fore. This data is collected and shared by the building thanks to innovative design solutions and technologies. In this way, data related to the security of the building's occupants and data on the sustainability, emissions and environmental footprint of the building can be monitored.

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RFID technology

RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology that, thanks to propagation of electro-magnetic waves in the air, can unequivocally, automatically (hands free) and remotely detect a product, track its technical data, state of health and other strategic characteristics.

The application of this technology to the roof components, together with microchips and sensors, makes it possible to create a kind of digital copy of the roof and, if necessary, of the entire structure. This virtual twin of the building renders the task of monitoring the same much quicker and easier and can be done remotely.

It is thus possible to monitor the materials used and their condition, to detect any leaks and fractures and to have access to all the data needed to simplify and streamline the management and maintenance of the roof.

BIM Objects

BIM Objects

BIM - Building Information Modeling- is one of the most recent and important innovations in the construction world. This model represents a more efficient way to design, construct, maintain and use the infrastructure, providing useful data in real time at every stage.

This technology is particularly useful to architects and designers, who can use BIM products to monitor all the physical and functional characteristics of a building right from the initial design stages, subsequently enabling the constant control of everything related to the roof, from the basic architectural information to the environmental impact data.

 BIM Objetcs

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