Michel Logistique Warehouses: fibre cement roofing

Paraplac provides a practical and concrete solution for renovating warehouse roofs, eliminating the risk of emitting waste or asbestos dust and without interrupting the activity of the underlying premises.
Warehouse Roof

Renovating warehouse roofs without interrupting business operations

Roof replacements for logistics buildings without interrupting operations.

The roofs of logistics buildings are fundamentally important. A high-performance roof has a positive impact on the production quality and continuity of a business.
For businesses that need to store their materials, poor roof performance can lead to:

1) the appearance of mould
2) water ingress
3) damage to electrical installations
4) impossibility of using some parts of the structure
5) risks for those working in the storage areas

It is, therefore, essential to guarantee that storage spaces are protected with roofs that are suitable for the working environment and the specific conservation requirements of the materials kept in the logistics hub (e.g., perishable goods).

In addition to determining which is the best roof and the technical specifications required, it is also important to consider how future maintenance will be carried out, if and when necessary. In doing so, maintenance that does not require removal or drilling should be considered.

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Potential problems with the roofing of industrial sheds and warehouses.

In determining the level of resistance of a warehouse roof, one of the most important features is its resistance to water and the weather. In the case of PVC, sheet or membrane roofing, there is a particular risk of the roof hardening, thus increasing the fragility of any discontinuous parts of the roof.

Additionally, in the case of older buildings, it may be necessary to work with hazardous materials such as asbestos, the replacement of which is critical. One of the ways to tackle the problem is through encapsulation, which has the advantage of ensuring the operational continuity of structures such as industrial sheds and warehouses that house storage facilities and production sites.

The problem with Michel Logistique warehouses.

Michel Logistique Warehouses are located in Haute-Marne in the Grand-Est region of France. The renovation of the 15,000 m² of fibre cement roofing imposed strict constraints linked to the activity of these large premises: a logistics platform for the distribution of food products to supermarkets.

Products that cannot be temporarily stored and must not freeze. It was therefore necessary to find a solution to implement this project without interrupting the activity and without the risk of pollution linked to the asbestos on the roof.

Michel Logistique Warehouses

The solution

The solution

The ideal solution in this context was the autonomous Paraplac over-roof, which allowed the protection and reinforcement of the old fibre cement roof.

Its unique patented hooking system allows installation without removal, without drilling and without brushing, therefore mitigating the risk of emitting waste or asbestos dust. It can be carried out without any danger to the installers and without interrupting the activity in the underlying premises. The coating is bonded to the insulating support by the Adesolo G self-adhesive membrane which allows rapid operation. It is a major asset for large surface roofs.

Warehouse Roof

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

  • Client | developer: Michel Logistique

  • Waterproofing company: Ciblez

  • Location: Route de Colombay les Choiseul, ZAC, 52240 Merrey, France

  • Covered area: approx. 15,000 m2

  • Products: Paraplac, Adesolo G

Warehouse Roof

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