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Performance down to the core

The galvanised steel core of our AeroDek tiles make them a popular choice for new and refurbishment projects of all shapes and sizes. With a robust design and secure top and bottom fixings, they provide excellent protection against weather and intrusion and are recognised with Secured by Design accreditation from the Association of Chief Police Officers in the UK.  A dry fix installation system also allows all elements of the solution, including insulation and membranes, to be fitted simply and quickly on pitches as low as 10°, greatly reducing project time scales. 
AeroDek tiles are available with a range of profiles and their hardwearing, multi-layered coatings can make them indistinguishable from traditional tile materials such as natural slates, clay, concrete and even wooden shingles.

More options

Explore our alternative pitched-roof tile solutions.

Clay tiles

Concrete tiles

Up to the challenge

From sub-zero Norwegian winters, to the blazing heat and humidity of Spain or the salt-laden air of Shetland Islands, AeroDek roofing solutions excel in extreme conditions. The tiles have been exposed to rigorous testing at our research facility showing they can resist heavy rain, snowloads up to 21kN/m2, hail and wind speeds of up to 160 km/h. The choice of membrane and capacity of guttering within the solution can be adapted to suit particularly wet environments whilst high performance insulation helps to keep out the cold.
BMI metal tile solutions can also support installations in more remote areas. As all elements within the roof come from a single supplier, the number of deliveries is reduced. The tile for an entire average sized domestic roof can be transported on just one pallet, compared to eight for traditional clay or concrete. Their lightweight design and dry-fixing system also allow them to be rapidly fitted in locations where weather conditions can limit site opportunities. 

Flat to Pitched Conversion

Adding a pitch to a flat roof can help to extend the structures lifespan, particularly if the existing roof has suffered from water ponding or other damage. Thanks to their lightweight design, our metal roof tile solutions can often be installed on these buildings without the need for additional strengthening of the building’s structure. This also provides an excellent opportunity to improve insulation levels within the roof space, reducing heating demand. 

A Modern Twist

If you’re looking for a sleek, contemporary appearance, BMI has developed a fresh new profile that combines increased strength with an enhanced sound insulation system. With a sturdy 0.75 mm steel core, the Quadro Plus S range is still just one seventh of the weight of a concrete tile and taps into the same technology that is used by car manufacturers to minimise road noise.


Metal tiles on a pitched roof building by a lake.