Trusted Brand Names for Roofs in Malaysia

With over 50 years of experience in Malaysia, Monier provides a range of quality products and systems, making us your perfect partner for best-in-class concrete pitched roof systems.
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Featuring premium quality materials, Everguard multilayered roof protection solution is designed for use across a diverse range of projects, from commercial buildings and warehouses to airports, factories, and more.
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Sealoflex's innovative liquid-applied waterproofing systems offer remarkable flexibility that makes application quick and simple on any surface – ideal for roofs, terraces, balconies and beyond.
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Our Roofing Technologies

Our collection of roof products and innovations caters across multiple applications – from residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to large-scale projects in the region.

Your Roof Projects

Explore our wide range of roofing solutions to find one that meets your requirements – whether it's for ongoing maintenance, architectural design or specifications for construction. We’re the concrete roof tiles supplier for Monier. Tell us what are your needs and requirements for a roof in Malaysia so that our roofing system specialist can help you find the best solutions, be it pitched roofs or flat roofs.

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