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Our warranty options offer long-term protection for complete peace of mind for both customers and roofers.

Our Product Warranty has been developed to ensure that every BMI product used in a coverage application performs as intended. We guarantee that our membranes, tiles and components will protect you and your home for a long time.

Choosing BMI means being able to trust a solid partner, present on the market for over 160 years. A brand that believes that the roof is more than just a roof over your head: a roof must allow you to build your new business and protect the things you care about.

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Discover the BMI guarantees

We guarantee the rain-tightness of our product packages (roof system) for a period of up to 5 years starting from the guarantee date. The present guarantee applies solely to products sold under the brand name BMI Monier® in Malaysia.

  • 5-year roof system guarantee - Legacy®, Perspective®, Mediterrano®, Advanced Contour®

  • 3-year roof system guarantee - Nordica®, Elabana®

By “rain tightness”, we mean that the tiles, fittings and components (including underlay) will prevent damage to the underlying structure caused by the passage of rain through them or through the junctions between them.

By “product packages” we mean groups of products designed to fit together to create complete roof systems fulfilling the functional requirements set by national application standards.

In the event of a failure within the terms of the guarantee, we will:

  • Supply a replacement BMI Monier® Malaysia (BMI Monier®) product free of charge. Should the product be out of production, a suitable alternative BMI Malaysia (BMI Monier®) product will be supplied

  • Restore the rain tightness of the roof at your expense. We reserve the right to perform on site inspections in order to assess the damage and define the appropriate solution. It is the obligation of the customer to provide safe access to the roof.

The present system guarantee excludes:

  1. Any damage caused by water entering around or through any product or material not sold by BMI Malaysia;

  2. Any damage caused by improper use or lack of maintenance of the roof or resulting from activities, modifications or tampering made by third parties;

  3. Any damage attributable to use of mortar to fix tiles or ridge elements. Use of mortar is explicitly excluded;

  4. Any damage caused by ground movement or by a defection or failure of the structure beneath the tiles;

  5. Accidental damage or deliberate damage including acts of war;

  6. Any damage caused by lightning strike;

  7. Any damage resulting from weather conditions more severe than those occurring on average only once in a 50 years period at the site including whirlwinds and natural disasters;

  8. Any damage caused by the penetration of pests such as bats, insects and birds;

  9. Any damage caused by the absence of a BMI Monier® supplied Solar Kit. (Applies only to roof systems with solar thermal hot water);

  10. Roof constructions which do not have the underlay under the Roof Tile Batten.

In addition, the text of the Guarantee explicitly excludes any obligation for BMI Malaysia for any damage caused to movable or immovable properties (e.g. building, furnishings,....), rights and activities of the owner or third parties.