Flat Roof

Engineered for high performance, designed for a multitude of possibilities, our flat roof systems offer future-proof performance that meets project requirements for energy efficiency and longevity.
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Flat Roofing Solutions for Every Project

Flat Roofing Solutions for Every Project

At BMI, we tap into our decades of expertise to deliver robust flat roof systems with high resiliency and versatility from design and construction to long-term maintenance. 

We embrace new innovations, leveraging the latest technology to ensure optimal efficiency while balancing costs and design specifications. No matter the type of flat roof construction required, you can count on us for flat roof solutions with proven performance to meet your project needs.

Flat roofs

It's Never Just a Roof

Whether talking about industrial or residential buildings, the concept of roofing has changed over the years. Our BMI solutions incorporate performance, sustainability and aesthetic for flat roofs.

The right solution for your flat roof

Our flat roof in Malaysia has a good roof waterproofing feature and it also comes with customizable features such as smoke ventilation opening, security system, etc. On top of the basic function of a protective shelter and waterproofing for flat roofs, we can offer you a complete roofing solution, including additional space, improved insulation, and help reduce carbon footprint. Available in other countries as well, learn more about our popular liquid waterproofing roof system today.

Flat Roof Brands You Can Trust

BMI EverGuard and BMI Sealoflex are renowned for their high-quality and integrated flat roofing systems catering to a wide range of applications.

They both have their own uniqueness. For instance, Everguard has a waterproofing membrane sheet that is not only effective in preventing leaks, but also complements its other features of being thermal insulant and airtight to give it a long-lasting protection.

On the other hand, Sealoflex’s waterproof roof coating is liquid-applied, which has a low odour and is solvent-free. Thus, it is a more user-friendly, non-hazardous solution in comparison to traditional roofing membranes.