The Sealoflex Waterproofing Solutions

An extremely versatile, single-component system, BMI Sealoflex is a liquid-applied roofing system. This roof waterproofing solution combines many of the benefits associated with alternative product chemistries to create a solvent-free, low odour, user-friendly hybrid solution that is 100% non-hazardous.

An Adaptable Liquid-Applied Roofing System

This liquid-applied roofing system can provide waterproofing for concrete roof, metal roof as well as other roofs of various sizes and shapes. You can also read more about EverGuard’s membrane sheet waterproofing solution as an alternative. Talk to our roof specialists today for your roof renovation to determine the type of roof and roof tile are suitable for your home or building.

The Complete BMI Sealoflex Solution

Suitable for new build and refurbishment, our liquid-applied solutions are developed to help specifiers and contractors solve roofing issues with ingenuity and simplicity. With a range of formulations and application types available, including solvent-free and low-odour options, we offer the best solution for projects of any scale and complexity. Each product formulation has been carefully developed based on extensive research and experience while assessing different climatic zones and local requirements.


  • Durable building protection against water degradation

  • Smart designs technical solutions, BMI technical team supports architects and building

  • Designers to choose the best system for their application

  • High chemical resistance and mechanical performance

  • High waterproofing security

  • Certified by European notified bodies

  • UV Resistant for extreme climates

  • Suitable for all substrates and shapes

  • Solvent-free or low VOC content

  • Solutions for expansion joints and all detailing works

  • Cold applied