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The future of the roofing industry lies in working together to create strong, property owner focussed businesses. To make it happen we’ve created a powerful new roofing contractor programme – BMI RoofPro.
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What is BMI RoofPro?

BMI RoofPro is the  BMI Group international program  dedicated to construction companies and professionals in the roofing sector.

Its goal is  to collaborate with companies and roof installers  who intend to stand out,
accompanying them in  the growth  of their business, thanks to the high quality standards and the choice of materials designed for a lasting result over time, which combined with specialized installation guarantee a result never seen before.

By joining BMI RoofPro you will be able to grow your business thanks to  continuous and targeted training  on materials and regulations and thanks to  continuous comparison with the main operators of the international market.

Enter BMI Roof Pro: you will be able  to differentiate  yourself from other installers and companies in the area and thus you will be able to collect new  job opportunities  with the support of an International Group.

It will complete all the operations to create the roof of your dreams and provide you with continuous support.

Why rely on BMI RoofPro

The roof: a complex system. The combination of materials creates solutions to meet the needs of your home. The BMI RoofPro professional can advise you on the most suitable materials and solutions for your home, offering you only certified and guaranteed products.

Making or redoing the roof step by step

BMI RoofPro plans every activity together with you, with a constant check for the entire duration of the work, supporting you during all the processing phases: from the inspection to the after-sales service.

Know your roof

A roof, in its evolutions that refer to different places, times, cultures and materials available, is not only an element of protection from atmospheric agents and intrusions but is an indispensable component of the home system.

  • It retains the heat produced inside the building during the winter

  • It shields the sun's rays, limiting the transfer of all the heat that accumulates on the roof during the summer

  • Soundproofing Attenuates the noise coming from outside

  • It regulates , collects and removes the humidity which, in the form of water vapor, is produced in the living areas. 

It also performs other very important functions for the ef fi ciency of your home and the well-being of its inhabitants: it covers, waterproofs, insulates, ventilates.

Get the Training and Support you need.

Through BMI RoofPro you will have access to training, dedicated support and enhanced BMI warranties. 

BMI Support

We can provide answers to your most frequently asked questions. 

BMI Support & FAQs

Let’s work together

Starting a project can be intimidating. We work with you to ensure your project gets the smooth start it needs. 

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Keeping you covered

BMI warranties give your customers complete peace of mind. 

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Enhanced guarantees

Through BMI RoofPro you can offer your customers a range of guarantees to suit their needs.

You may contact the respective installer to find out more about the product guarantee information.