The clubhouse roof at Kytäjä Golf now neutralises air pollution

Kytäjä Golf is Finland's number one course by many measures. They wanted to make the roof of the clubhouse eco-efficient and now the roof cleans the air of pollutants and produces energy for the clubhouse.
Eco roofing

Quality is also responsibility

Kytäjä is a familiar place for golf enthusiasts in Southern Finland. Located a couple of hours' drive from the capital, Kytäjä Golf attracts thousands of players every year to enjoy the stunning surroundings and quality facilities. 

Kytäjä Golf, one of the top golf courses in Finland, aims to be among the best in Northern Europe. Kytäjä Golf is already ranked 73rd in the TOP 100 modern courses in Europe, which is the best ranking of any golf course in Finland.

"We are developing our operations to meet the needs and quality requirements of international visitors", says Jukka Koivu, Managing Director of Kytäjä Golf.

According to Koivu, one of the indicators that affect the overall picture in Kytäjoki - in addition to the quality criteria related to the field itself - are more responsible choices. That's why energy is now generated by the clubhouse's own roof-mounted solar panels, while the light-coloured roof beneath the panels cleans the air.

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A more eco-efficient roof than a solar roof

When the renovation of the clubhouse roof became an issue, Kytäjä Golf started to look for ways to put the roof to good use.

"With roof-mounted solar panels, we can produce clean energy for our use. Own solar energy is also economically viable", says Koivu. 

At the suggestion of Icopal Katto Oy, the roof contractor, it was decided to make the roof even more eco-efficient: the new roof could also clean the air.

"We heard about Icopal Katto Oy's air purifying roofing material and were immediately interested."

The Noxite coating developed by BMI Icopal is a high-quality waterproofing material that also neutralises harmful emissions from the air through a simple mechanism.

PolarTop Noxite air purifying roof for the clubhouse

PolarTop Noxite, developed by BMI Icopal, is a durable, strong and long-lasting cover. At the same time, it is more than a roof: Noxite's topcoat contains titanium dioxide, which has the special property of being able to neutralise harmful nitrogen oxides in the air into a small amount of nitrate.

The cleaning properties of titanium dioxide have been known for a long time. BMI Icopal integrated the material into the roofing material in its product development, making eco-efficient use of large roof surfaces: Noxite roofs clean the air together with the sun by their very existence.

This is how the air purifying Noxite cover works:

This is how the air purifying Noxite cover works:

  • UV radiation from the sun activates the titanium dioxide on the surface of the Noxite coating, which acts as a catalyst to convert the nitrogen oxides into a small amount of nitrate.

  • The nitrate is washed off the roof with rainwater. The nitrate content of the flushing water is lower than that of the mineral water.


Roofing partnership ensures a long life cycle

Every roof needs maintenance - even a brand new or newly renovated one. All roofs should be visited twice a year to carry out the necessary maintenance and to make sure everything is in good working order. With a roofing professional as your partner, you can be sure that your roof will be properly maintained, and any faults will be dealt with as soon as they occur.

In its partnerships, Kytäjä Golf also invests in quality and expertise in roof maintenance: After the roof renovation by Icopal Katto Oy's contracting service, the roof of the Kytäjä Golf clubhouse will be maintained by Icopal Katto Oy's Maintenance Services. The roof will now receive regular maintenance twice a year. This will ensure that the roof remains in good condition throughout its designed lifetime.

Get to know the services of Icopal Katto Oy

Get to know the services of Icopal Katto Oy

  • Number one in bituminous paving in Finland

  • Part of BMI Finland which is part of the international BMI Group

  • Roof tiling and other waterproofing for new and renovated buildings

  • Icopal Katto Oy's Maintenance Service for regular roof maintenance, inspections, surveys, snow removal and leak repairs

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Project Highlights

Project Highlights

  • Client: Kytäjä Golf

  • Location: Kytäjä, Hyvinkää (Southern Finland)

  • Roof contractor: Icopal Katto Oy

  • Products: PolarTop Noxite cover

Eco roofing

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