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Your choice

At BMI, we specialise in both flat and pitched roofing systems, so whatever your needs or preferences, we can supply you with the solution you want.

With decades of experience and product development, we understand how to help you get the most from your roof, and can make the process straightforward. From design to installation and after sales care, BMI offers a single point of service.

New for Old

Upgrading your roof is one of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your building, and to deal with issues such as poor drainage.


Refurbishment offers all kinds of opportunities to get creative. As well as looking at insulation, you could consider changing a flat roof to a pitched one, or making use of the space it offers to install solar panels and generate energy to reduce your bills.


Roofer carrying out maintenance on pitched roof


Get active

Using your roof space is a great way to protect and enhance the environment, or help to manage weather events, such as excessive heat or rainfall.


Green roofs are a well-established way to support biodiversity, or even create a garden where people can relax and enjoy a natural environment in the middle of the city.


Blue roofs offer effective water management to help prevent flash flooding or drainage problems, and cool roofs use reflective technologies to keep internal spaces from over-heating.


Photovoltaic panels on flat roof


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Quality Installations

To get the best out of our products, BMI partners with and trains expert roofing contractors across the globe.


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Using one of our roofing contractor partners can enhance your guarantee.


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