MoD Housing Helston with Redland 49

The client, the Ministry of Defence (MOD), is upgrading over 100 houses on an estate in Cornwall. This project was the first of several phases.
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The Project

The main aim of the project was to upgrade the thermal performance of the houses, alongside general refurbishment. This involved considerable structural alterations since the sloping first floor walls, which formed part of Mansard roofs, were converted into vertical walls. This required the structure of the roofs to be altered, extending them so that they overhung the new line of the upper floors. The thermal uplifts included improved loft insulation as well as external wall insulation. Doors, windows and all internal fittings and finishes were also replaced.

The solution specified by BMI was the Redland 49 tile.

  • Project Name: MoD Housing Helston

  • Contractor: SER Contractor

  • Client: The Ministry of Defence


The Product

“One of the reasons that the BMI Redland 49 tile was selected for this project was for its speed and ease of installation. It is a small, lightweight concrete tile which makes handling and placement safer.”

SER Contractor



“The MOD requires very high standards, including internal décor and carpets, mowed lawns and fencing. By carrying out the pilots, SER got a good understanding of these requirements and was able to achieve the right standards for all the properties.”

SER Contractor


The Challenge

The Challenge

The old roof tiles were all beyond their service life so could not be reused for roofing. However, they were deposited in separate skips so that they could be crushed and re-used as hardcore to minimize waste processing.

The project had to be meticulously planned before work started on site in order to satisfy both Amey and the MOD in terms of health, safety and environment. This involved the production of risk assessments and method statements which set out each step of the works and addressed potential risks and hazards.

One of the welfare challenges faced was that it was difficult to find accommodation for workers who lived outside the area, and needed to stay locally on a temporary basis, due to the Covid 19 restrictions.


The Solution

The Solution

One of the reasons that the BMI Redland 49 tile was selected for this project was for its speed and ease of installation. It is a small, lightweight concrete tile which makes handling and placement safer.

To address the problem surrounding accommodation for workers who lived outside the area, SER Contractor rented out properties for workers, with small groups living and working in bubbles.

The project incorporated a number of measures aimed to reduce its environmental impact. Those relating to the roof included recycling the roof tiles that were removed and measures to protect bats, with bat boxes installed as recommended by specialist consultants. The Contractor also had to use a bat-friendly membrane which is designed to avoid bat claws getting trapped in the fabric.


The Impact

The Impact

Once completed, the upgrades were admired by private homeowners who had bought similar properties in the area and who wanted to replicate the work carried out on their own homes.

Redland 49 provided speed and ease of installation. It’s small, lightweight style made handling and placement safer and easier.

The project finished on time and on budget.


Redland 49 System

Redland 49 System

A compact and visually appealing interlocking cambered tile system that has defined the roofscapes of London and the south-east for over 70 years

A system designed for mono or duopitched roofs, using Redland 49 tiles that is ideal for any refurbishment situation. The Redland 49 tile provides a practical, durable and cost effective roofing solution for years to come.

Key features and benefits

  • Unique cambered tile surface

  • Peace of mind with complete system from one trusted supplier

  • Unique camber adds both strength and aesthetic appeal

  • Economical to buy and install

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