Heathrow vortex with Redland 49

The homeowners living near to Heathrow Airport struggle with frequent roof damaging vortex’s caused by aircrafts taking off and landing.
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The Project

The Iconic Redland 49 tile, with its ability to be fixed both top and bottom, was the first choice product when it came to replacing roofs on properties based around Heathrow Airport that had been damaged by the vortex effect.

  • Project name: Heathrow Vortex

  • Contractor: Richardson Roofing

  • Solution: Redland 49

The Challenge

The Challenge

A vortex is a circulating eddy of air caused by low-flying aircraft. The vortex effect causes tiles to be damaged and sucked off a roof, and this issue is particularly significant as aircraft come into land.

Heathrow airport has been offering replacement roofs when vortex strikes occur for over 20 years and the Redland 49 tile is one of the few products to have passed stringent wind tunnel tests, qualifying it for use in the project.


The Solution

The Solution

The Redland 49 tile has defined the roofscapes of London for over 70 years (since 1949 as the name would suggest). A compact and visually appealing interlocking cambered tile, the Redland 49 tile is easy to handle and install, offering speed, strength and economy as a roofing material.

Replacement tiles need to be firmly fixed and Redland 49 tiles allow for both clips and nails to be used as required by the BRE guidance document DG467. The small format of the tile combined with this dual fixing provides the most secure fixing possible.


The Impact

The Impact

The project was a success, with the client's houses now having significant protection from the Vortex effect. Clients now have peace of mind that their houses will be protected for many years to come, and that their belongings and property will be safe.

Redland 49 was a lovely adaptable product that is easy to work with. It’s an easy tile to fix and has a soft cambered profile, making for a good looking roof. ”
- Kevin Taylor, Site Manager from Richardson Roofing.


Redland 49 System

Redland 49 System

A compact and visually appealing interlocking cambered tile system that has defined the roofscapes of London and the south-east for over 70 years

A system designed for mono or duopitched roofs, using Redland 49 tiles that is ideal for any refurbishment situation. The Redland 49 tile provides a practical, durable and cost effective roofing solution for years to come.

Key features and benefits

  • Unique cambered tile surface

  • Peace of mind with complete system from one trusted supplier

  • Unique camber adds both strength and aesthetic appeal

  • Economical to buy and install

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