India Buildings

The India Buildings is a large nine-story complex that was awarded Grade II listing for its architectural quality, and has recently undergone a £38.25 million refurbishment.

The Project

Contractor Styles&Wood were confident Monarflex Airflow FR would shield the scaffolding from the notorious high winds of the area. With both sides of the sheeting offering protection, workers enjoyed a stable working environment and passers-by were not inconvenienced by sandblasting or water jetting. 

Monarflex Airflow FR is an exceptionally strong flame retardant containment netting that has been specially developed for high and low rise locations where strong winds are a significant risk. It’s suitable for DigiWrap printing so clients can create a protected environment and promote their business at the same time. With open and closed woven sections the material reduces the pressure on the scaffolding structure in high winds, so there’s no danger of scaffolding collapse. 

For the India Buildings the containment netting certainly proved its worth, meeting the demands of the project while also providing great publicity for both contractor and client.

  • Project: India Buildings

  • Client: Shelborn Asset Management

  • Contractor: Styles and Wood 

  • System: Monarflex Airflow FR



“This is a good system that we’ve used elsewhere, using vents to dissipate the wind's force which stops it acting like a sail. Speed was also important, and it was delivered to site, complete with our logo and that of the client, within 10 days and up on site with two weeks,” 

Rob Burgess, Contracts Manager Styles & Wood


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