Centre Point Building

Almacantar, the property investment and development company, requested a bespoke wrap of the Centre Point tower in Camden during its 2015 revival and construction. The solution was a hybrid of existing products from Icopal’s Monarflex range.

The Project

The iconic Grade II listed Centre Point building, which is located opposite Tottenham Court Road tube station, was this year wrapped in prints designed by Eley Kishimoto inspired by Centre Point, during Almacantar’s construction of 82 exclusive residential apartments, restaurant and retail space. 

To meet the brief, Icopal worked closely with Almacantar’s design team, Hat Trick Design, to develop the purpose-built plastic wrap through a series of meetings and mock-up trials. The bespoke sheet was designed so that it could accept the digiprint logo in the largest possible size. It also had additional lines of tie points to meet the standards required, and also satisfy Camden Council.

The bespoke material itself, which has been named Monarflex Stripe Firesmart Plus, combines the benefits of the existing products in the Icopal Monarflex range. This forms a three ply composition with two outer layers made from special, highly weather resistant, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) that also features flame retardant additives. On top of the sheet, there are five super high strength woven and plastic coated bands that are made in pre-set patterns, meaning they fit virtually any type of scaffold. For even more versatility, the sheets have been designed so that they can be applied both horizontally and vertically. 

Installing the Monarflex Stripe Firesmart Plus meant that open construction and machinery were protected from dust particles from sandblasting or water jetting from façade works. Furthermore, the climate shield element also means these are protected from rain, wind and snow, meaning main contractor Brookfield Multiplex can ensure deadlines are kept regardless of weather conditions.

  • Project: Centre Point Building 

  • Client: Almacantar 

  • Contractor: TRAD Scaffolding Company Ltd

  • System: Monarflex Stripe FireSmart Plus (Bespoke)

The Design

The Design

“Centre Point is an iconic landmark in the heart of the city and we wanted the building to retain its impact whilst wrapped. The pattern - designed by Eley Kishimoto - was adapted to create maximum impact whilst working with the modular system of the wrap. It is easily one of the most exciting projects we have been involved in.” 

Alex Swatridge, Director and Designer at Hat Trick Design


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