NFRC 2023 award win for Launceston College roofing project

The NFRC UK Roofing Awards 2023, held on 12th May, celebrated the very best of the roofing industry. From large heritage restorations to new builds with technical excellence, the night highlighted the fantastic work of roofing contractors and solution providers.
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Picking up the award for Reinforced Bitumen Membranes was the Launceston College project. Roofing contractor Progressive Systems Ltd delivered this technically demanding flat roof project with support from flat roofing materials manufacturer BMI Icopal. 

As one of the largest colleges in Cornwall, Launceston College plays a huge role in the local community. Although much of the college is a new build with a purpose-built warm roof, the campus was expanding to add a brand new Science and Technology building, complete with 13 laboratories. 

The college was in need of a skilled flat roofing contractor to oversee the project, which included working on a live site, adding tapered insulation and ensuring flat roof access doors were not compromised. With a main flat roof, two secondary roofs, and a canopy roof totalling over 1300 square metres of roofing, the challenge for Progressive Systems Ltd was not a small one.

Progressive Systems Ltd engaged BMI Icopal for flat roofing expertise across solutions and products. The tapered insulation was one of the main project challenges. However,  by working with BMI Icopal, it was possible to specify a tailored solution that provided weathertight roofing without any compromise to the building’s insulation. The Thermaweld FireSmart System was specified from BMI Icopal, and put to work by Progressive Systems Ltd. 

The system for Launceston College comprised cementitious screed, Icopal S.A. Spray Primer, TorchSafe T.A, Thermazone Torch-On, Total Torch Vapour Dispersion Layer and finally a Thermaweld FireSmart charcoal cap sheet. This combination of tried and tested products delivered excellent results, and provided peace of mind at the completion of the project.

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Multiple Award Winners

BMI products also featured in the NFRC award wins for Industry Choice and Bituminous Hot Applied Liquid Waterproofing categories - respectively Fulwood Roofing for Stockport School using BMI Redland Rosemary Clay Classic and MAC Roofing & Contracting Ltd for Heatherwood Hospital using an Icopal Parabit Solo Hot Melt System  recognising the roofing contractors in delivering this outstanding work. 

The full list of NFRC 2023 award winners can be found here: 

Launceston College