Old Giessen Airport

Giessen welcomes a totally new neighbourhood of 22 apartment buildings. The intensive greening of the flat roofs and garages required special waterproofing.
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Waterproofing an entire neighbourhood is no mean feat, but that’s precisely what roofing company Rödel Konzept + Handwerk GmbH from Solms was asked to do for a very special project. The completely new neighbourhood called “Old Giessen Airport” is being constructed by Wohnbau GmbH & Co. KG.

This new construction will consist of 400 apartments distributed over 22 apartment buildings and a large new park area. And the project planners at Revikon GmbH are following a clear sustainability concept. Green roofing structures built atop flat routes and garage roofs are designed to make the whole neighbourhood greener. And this has meant that the roofing contractors have had to lay extremely high-performance waterproofing on all the surfaces.

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The solution

Project management was taken on by master roofer and operations manager Domenico Graziano, who recommended Wolfin Tectofin RV plus membrane for the job. This fleece-backed membrane designed especially for flat roofs is known for its excellent stability and handling characteristics.

The first step was to prime the concrete with Vedag Emaillit BV-express bitumen primer. A layer of Vedagard AL-E elastomeric bitumen welded vapour barrier membrane was then laid on top of that. The next layer consisted of Thermazone EPS 035 insulation panels for the thermal insulation system held in place using self-foaming Teroson EF TK 395 polyurethane adhesive. The insulation system has excellent insulating properties characterised by high flexibility, fast installation and high compressive strength.

The final layer of waterproof sealant is made of grey Tectofin RV plus. One of the ingredients of the membrane is synthetic rubber to improve work ability and durability. In addition, the polyester fleece has high stability and resilience to tensile forces. On top of that, Tectofin RV plus is resistant to root penetration, thereby fulfilling all of the requirements of the subsequent extensive greening. Roofing membrane adhesive Teroson EF TK 400 is then used to hold the membrane in place while it is hot air welded. Finally, the roof edges are connected with the help of composite sheet elements.

In the plan, the roofs on the underground car parks were also designed to be green just like the flat roofs. As a result, it was also essential that they be protected against root penetration. Vedag system components were used across the approximately 7,000 m² surface area. A three-layer system was planned for the garage roofs. Because of the expansion joint running around the garages, a two-layer system was implemented on the side walls.

The first layer of Vedatop VU elastomeric bitumen roofing membrane was applied with the help of BMI Parabit HM hot melt bitumen formulation. A second layer of hot bitumen was then applied on the garage roofs.

Vedaflor WS- X blue-green slated elastomeric bitumen torch-applied capping sheet was used to finish off the side walls and underground car park roofs. Thanks to their resistance to root penetration, they have been used for decades for roof greening. A high-performance polyester fleece backing layer ensures long-lasting flexibility and crack-bridging capability.


The result

The multi-layer waterproofing formed the ideal basis for subsequent greening of the roofed areas. The entire area was also designed to be completely car-free, with all incoming cars being led directly into the underground car park outside the residential area.

Once all the building work has been completed, the top of their underground car parks will be converted into large park areas. Thanks to the green roof structures, play areas and recreational facilities at the “Old Giessen Airport”, once completed the new residential area will truly be a green neighbourhood.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

  • Property: 22 apartment buildings – Am alten Flughafen (Giessen) “Old Giessen Airport”

  • Project: 17,000 m² roof and balcony waterproofing Wolfin, 7,000 m² underground car park waterproofing Vedag

  • Contractor: Rödel Konzept + Handwerk GmbH & Co. KG (Solms)

  • Products used:

- Tectofin RV, 1.5 mm grey

- Tectofin lightning protection sleeve

- Tectofin composite sheet elements

- BMI Thermazone rapid insulation system EPS 055 (white)

- Witec cleaning agent

- Teroson EF TK 595 insulation materials adhesive

- Teroson EF TK 400 foam adhesive for roofing membranes

- Emaillit BV express

- Vedagard AL-E vapour barrier membrane

- BMI Parabit HM hot melt bitumen formulation

- Vedatop VU elastomeric bitumen roofing membrane

- Vedaflor W5-X elastomeric bitumen torch-applied capping sheet


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