BMI CoolRoof System

Even when it's scorching hot outside, our BMI CoolRoof System ensures your indoor temperature is 10°C cooler by optimising natural ventilation and heat transmission.
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Cooler Spaces, Significant Savings

Malaysia’s tropical climate is typically hot and humid all year round, which can cause high indoor temperatures. To cool down interior spaces, most homes and commercial buildings typically use air-conditioning throughout the day. However, this leads to high electricity bills and negatively impacts the environment.

BMI CoolRoof® System limits heat transfer through the roof and helps cool the indoor environment naturally. In addition, the system combines the benefits of radiant heat reflectivity and ventilation gap to enhance roof performance in hot and humid climates. Extensive research in Malaysia and Europe found that buildings with BMI CoolRoof® System recorded a cooler temperature of up to 10°C* compared to properties with conventional roofs.


How does CoolRoof work?

  1. BMI roof tiles: the first layer to facilitate heat reflection from BMI MONIER roof tiles 

  2. BMI ThermaFoil® / RadenShield®: a high-performance reflective underlay that serves as a heat barrier by reflecting up to 97% radiant heat

  3. Counter Battens: elements that form a passageway and air gap to ventilate hot air between the roof tiles and underlay.

  4. BMI Compactroll® Plus: a breathable, waterproof dry fix solution that replaces traditional cement mortar and significantly contributes to a cooler indoor environment; it also has a water-repellant sleeve with a high ventilation value

  5. BMI Pest Guard: comb-like eaves that facilitate ventilation while preventing birds, bats, rats and other pests from entering and nesting on the roof. 

Through these five key elements, BMI CoolRoof® System reduces heat build-up and heat retention on the roof while ensuring natural airflow, resulting in lower indoor temperatures. When homes become naturally cooler, there will be less air conditioning usage, which translates into savings on electricity bills. On top of this, there are no maintenance costs as BMI CoolRoof® System does not use electricity or mechanical devices. 

*Data validated by BMI Technical Centre in Europe for tropical weather, in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Lawrence Barkeley National Laboratory in the USA.

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Cutting-Edge R&D: Monier Roof Physics

Cutting-Edge R&D: Monier Roof Physics

Monier Roof Physics is a state-of-the-art simulation software developed by our research and development team in Malaysia and Europe to analyse thermal performance, energy savings and other aspects of a roof system. Using this software, which is recognised by the committee of the Journal of Building Physics and the US Department of Energy Laboratory, our specialists found that the BMI Monier CoolRoof system reduces living room temperature by up to 10°C compared to conventional roofs in Malaysia. 

Other benefits include: 

  • reducing up to 60% of air conditioning usage*

  • reducing up to 30% of electricity bills*

  • offering less than 2 years payback period

*The Monier Technical Centre validated the data in Europe for tropical weather, in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the USA.

Research and development

Monier Cool School: SMK Canossa Convent & SMK Sultan Abdul Samad

SMK Canossa Convent and SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, Melaka are among the first few schools in the Southern region selected for BMI's CSR initiative. During our site visit, we have identified that the roofs of the main building at these schools are the optimal locations for retrofitting with MONIER CoolRoof®. 

MONIER CoolRoof® is one of the sustainable roof cooling systems in MONIER Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions, E3. This system contributes to energy savings and environmental protection by creating natural airflow and heat barriers to limit heat transfers through the roof. As evident in these schools, the use of this exclusive technology ensures a cooler indoor atmosphere while increasing the overall comfort level within the interior spaces.