Cool Roof, Cool Home

Malaysia’s tropical climate is typically hot and humid all year round, which can cause high indoor temperatures. To cool down interior spaces, most homes and commercial buildings typically use air-conditioning throughout the day. However, this leads to high electricity bills and negatively impacts the environment.
Cool Roof, Cool Home

Cooling Your Home Naturally

The good news is, there is a better solution to cool your spaces: cool roofs. Ideal for Malaysia’s climate, the BMI CoolRoof® System limits heat transfer through the roof and helps cool the indoor environment naturally. In addition, the system combines the benefits of radiant heat reflectivity and ventilation gap to enhance roof performance in hot and humid climates. 

Extensive research in Malaysia and Europe found that buildings with BMI CoolRoof® System recorded a cooler temperature of up to 10°C* compared to properties with conventional roofs. This is due to the system’s complete solution, which comprises five protective elements that fit seamlessly under the roof tiles:

  1. BMI roof tiles: the first layer to facilitate heat reflection from BMI MONIER roof tiles 

  2. BMI ThermaFoil® / RadenShield®: a high-performance reflective underlay that serves as a heat barrier by reflecting up to 97% radiant heat

  3. Counter Battens: elements that form a passageway and air gap to ventilate hot air between the roof tiles and underlay.

  4. BMI Compactroll® Plus: a breathable, waterproof dry fix solution that replaces traditional cement mortar and significantly contributes to a cooler indoor environment; it also has a water-repellant sleeve with a high ventilation value

  5. BMI Pest Guard: comb-like eaves that facilitate ventilation while preventing birds, bats, rats and other pests from entering and nesting on the roof. 

Through these five key elements, BMI CoolRoof® System reduces heat build-up and heat retention on the roof while ensuring natural airflow, resulting in lower indoor temperatures. When homes become naturally cooler, there will be less air conditioning usage, which translates into savings on electricity bills. On top of this, there are no maintenance costs as BMI CoolRoof® System does not use electricity or mechanical devices.


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Roofing Solutions For a Sustainable Way of Life

For more energy-saving benefits, BMI CoolRoof® System can be further enhanced with the BMI SolarRoof System comprising the BMI Solar Water Heating System and BMI Toplight®. The combined application of BMI CoolRoof® and BMI SolarRoof can potentially result in a reduction of up to 45% in your electricity bills.

The BMI Solar Water Heating System, which uses solar energy to heat water, reduces up to 15%* of electricity usage, while BMI Toplight®, a translucent roof tile, lights up your interior spaces with natural sunlight so that you can reduce the use of artificial lighting. As a single piece of BMI Toplight® roof tile is equivalent to a 75W, you can rest assured your spaces will be sufficiently illuminated during the day.

A Reputable Brand You Can Trust

An MS ISO9001:2008 certified company, BMI complies with both Malaysian and international standards. To date, the brand has garnered multiple awards, a testament to its remarkable success in the industry. These include Best Brands in Roof Systems from The Brandlaureate Awards for three consecutive years from 2008, as well as the Keris Award 2009 at the 8th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise.

*Data validated by BMI Technical Centre in Europe for tropical climates.