Roof Description

Deciding how to build or renovate a roof takes time and awareness. We are happy to give you the information and tools to be able to choose the perfect solution for you with confidence.
Roof Description - BMI Malaysia

Pitched roof and flat roof

Whatever shape your roof is, there is the ideal cover. BMI Italia provides you with solutions for flat, single-pitch, double-pitched, pavilion and more complex structures.

Do you know your roof?
The functions of a cover

A roof is not only an element of protection from atmospheric agents and intrusions but it is an indispensable component of the home system because it contributes:

  • to retain the heat produced inside the building in winter

  • to shield the sun's rays, limiting the transfer of all the heat that accumulates on the roof during the summer

  • to reduce the noise coming from outside

  • to regulate, collect and remove the humidity which, in the form of water vapor, is produced in the living areas

It also performs very important functions for the efficiency of your home and the well-being of its inhabitants:

COVER: the pleasant sensation of feeling protected with a covering made of elements (tiles or bent tiles) that we like and make our home unique

WATERPROOFING: "Thinking about it now, you don't have to think about it later" so choosing the most suitable waterproofing layer allows you to prevent water infiltration

INSULATE: an intelligent form of savings, through the insertion of one or more materials that make up the insulating layer

PRODUCING ENERGY: a smart choice to become energy independent by investing in the photovoltaic system

Need more?

Other accessories, such as fall arrest systems (in some Italian regions mandatory by law), elements for natural lighting of the rooms located in the attic (windows for attic), special components (turrets, chimneys, elements designed to prevent the compact snowpack from sliding , just to name a few) will help make your roof work.

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