A roof continaing Heathland tiles with variation in hanging length, irregular sides and subtle surface texturing, finished with randomly applied fine sands combining to create all the visual features of a handmade clay tile

  • Available in five colours (Manor House Mix,Wealden Red,Autumn,Ember,Elizabethan) providing a classic look

  • Concrete tile with randomly applied fine sand coating


Heathland tile

Healthland RedLine tile

40 x 2.65mm Aluminium Alloy Nails

Top Tile Clip

Third Round Hip

Half Round Ridge

Others products

Continuous Ridge

System attributes

  • Natural weathered character

  • Varying hanging length

  • Randomly applied fine sand coating

System benefits

  • Peace of mind with complete system from one trusted supplier

  • Offers practical and economic alternative to handmade clay tiles

  • Performance of a machine-made tile