Dry Ridge Systems

Our dry-fix ridge systems allow you to fix and ventilate your ridge in a smart, unobtrusive way.
Burgh Island - Cambrian - Ridge Vent Terminal

Weathertight and Secure Ridge Ventilation

A range of neat and secure mechanically-fixed ridge systems. The DryVent Ridge System provides a continuous weathertight air path from the roof void to the outside; the Continuous Ridge System is a quick-to-install cost-effective ventilating solution for mechanically fixing roof tiles; the Uni-Vent Rapid Ridge/Hip is a simple and quick-to-install system providing a secure universal solution. The Ridge Vent Terminal provides ventilation to a soil vent pipe or mechanical ventilation system at ridge level; the Gas Flue Terminal enables flue gases to escape, even under high wind conditions. Our Ridge End Cap (sometimes referred to as a dry verge end cap or dry verge cap) closes the end of the Ridge Tile at the gable end; and the Mortar Bedded Fixing Kit provides a mechanical fix without the need for pre-drilled ridge or hip tiles. 

Main features

  • Fully compliant with BS 5534 and BS 525

  • Quick and easy to install in all weather conditions

  • Mechanical fix

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