Eaves systems

Our Eaves Systems deliver ventilation at the eaves in a smart, simple, weathertight solution. Quick and easy to install and ventilation to comply with BS 5250.
MoD Housing Helston - Redland 49 - RedVent EavesVent

Smart solutions for eaves ventilation.

Our dry-fix eaves ventilation systems reduce the risk of harmful condensation build-up in the roof, providing ventilation compliant with British Standards BS 5250 and NHBC guidelines. 

Choose from RedVent EavesVent for when insulation is laid between or on top of the ceiling joists; RedVent 25 Over-Fascia Vent when insulation is installed over or between the rafters; or the Rapid Eaves Vent System for use in cold pitched roofs. 

Main features

  • Fully compliant with BS 5250, BS 5534, and NHBC guidelines

  • Dry fix

  • Quick and easy installation

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