Abutment systems

Our dry-fix abutment systems include a Bonding Strip for the junction between two adjacent roof coverings, GRP Secret Gutter for side abutments and a Top Edge Abutment Ventilation system.
Byker Estate - Mini Stonewold - GRP Secret Gutter

Weathertight. Easy to install. 

Our dry-fix abutment systems are quick and easy to cut and install in all weather conditions, solving any complications at abutments or party walls. Our Bonding Gutter provides a neat finish and weatherproofs the junction between two adjacent roof coverings. The Side Abutment GRP Secret Gutter provides a secondary line of defence against wind-driven rain where a roof slope abuts a vertical wall, while the Top Edge Abutment Ventilation System provides a continuous ventilation path from the roof void to the outside. 

Main features

  • Fully compliant with BS 5534 and BS 5250

  • Quick and easy to install in all weather conditions

  • Lightweight and easy to handle


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