Natural light can help boost concentration, feelings of well-being and productivity and contribute towards energy savings. Our range of Rooflights are designed to meet the growing environmental, Thermal and structural demands of today’s building sector.
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Creating better quality environments with natural light

Natural light can dramatically improve the quality of life for anyone living or working within a building.  BMI Icopal  Rooflights  can help ensure optimum natural light in rooms, guaranteeing both health and economic benefits. Incorporating rooflights into a flat roof can provide three times more daylight than the same area of vertical windows and provide a much more even distribution of light.

Benefits of installing BMI Icopal Rooflights to your property

  • Reduction in Energy Costs – It is conclusively proven that rooflights can save energy in many applications through the reduction in the requirement for artificial light and lower heating cost due to natural solar gain.

  • Reduces Carbon Footprint – Research has shown that typically the total CO2 emissions associated with all aspects of operating a building without rooflights can be over 50% higher than for a building with 12% rooflights.

  • Promotes Health & Wellbeing – Lack of natural daylight can lead to lethargy or in serious cases seasonal affective disorder. Rooflights bring more natural light into the building resulting in an improved overall environment leading to a feeling of wellbeing for occupants. Hospital studies have shown that recovery rate of patients is accelerated where levels of natural light are increased.

  • Promotes improved productivity – Natural Daylight improves concentration so that working environments, offices or factories, with daylight tend to achieve better productivity. In education, research shows a positive correlation between classrooms with good natural light and improved student performance - and attendance.

  • Code Credits – Rooflights can achieve up to 3 credits within section 7.0.1 Daylighting of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

  • Acoustic Performance – All rooflights must satisfy demanding acoustic performance requirements, additionally the BMI Icopal Acoustic Pack can be integrated with fixed unvented domes to further reduce noise from rain or other external sources. The BMI Icopal Acoustic Pack can earn BREEAM credits and reduces noise by circa 65% .

  • Contemporary Design – The sleek lines and low rise dome design provide the ultimate in rooflight aesthetics including powder coated frame colour options and glass or polycarbonate glazing.

  • Best Value – The BMI Icopal Range is designed to suit all budgetary requirements and is delivered to the project as a factory assembled unit ready to install.

Main features

  • Promotes health benefits by increasing natural light

  • Reduces Energy Costs

  • Compliant with Building and Safety Regulations

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