Extensive Systems

Our lightweight extensive green roof systems enable you to maximise otherwise unused space for promoting biodiversity and aesthetic appearance.
Lightweight green roof

Green roof systems

The popularity of green roofs within the built environment has increased dramatically over recent years, with their inclusion in both urban and rural projects now being mainstream. Although the basic categories of green roofs have remained unchanged over the years, the development of different types of systems and the plant species within them has progressed as more experience has been gained

Our range of lightweight green roof systems are generally intended to be viewed from another location as a decorative and ecological feature maximising otherwise unused space for biodiversity or aesthetic appearance.

They are not normally used as a recreational space and often have limited access for maintenance only.

Types of extensive systems


The sedum family of flowering plants is widespread throughout the Northern Hemisphere, varying from annual and creeping herbs to shrubs. They are succulents and therefore have leaves which are able to store water, making them ideal for green roofing applications.


Meadow systems are designed to create the look of a terrestrial wildflower meadow and the use of a pre-grown mat creates a green planting scheme with instant impact. 


These types of roofs can be constructed to provide the right conditions for specific plants which in turn support other insect and bird species. Often wildflowers, grasses and sedums are the main species of vegetation designed to thrive within such systems.

Key features of extensive green roof systems:

  • Suitable for a range of roof construction types.

  • System type allows for shallower substrate depths.

  • Promotes a moderate to high range of biodiversity.

  • Provides a provision of nectar and pollen to attract insects.

  • Suitable for flat and sloping roofs.

  • Versatile system; quick and easy to install.

  • Low maintenance and drought tolerant.

  • The option of using a pre-grown mat, where applicable, provides instant green coverage.

Main features

  • Low maintenance

  • Promotes Biodiversity

  • Suitable for flat and sloping roofs

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