Seaside Salvation with Mini Stonewold

BMI Redland’s Mini Stonewold tiles were selected in Tudor Brown by homeowner Adrian Gillard, to achieve a contemporary aesthetic on his beachside bungalow renovation in Devon.
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Sporting stunning views of the Torquay beach, Adrian has managed to create a hidden nirvana out of a rundown 1950s bungalow. The resulting home bears no resemblance to the original property and is a perfect example of what can be achieved with a touch of ingenuity and a lot of dedication. 

As a former roofing contractor, Adrian did most of the design and specification himself, only calling in an architect to complete the drawings and ensure the new roof would meet the current roofing standards.



“The entire roof structure was raised by 1.8 meters to make room for two bedrooms, both with en-suites, a dressing room and extra storage. I wanted to use the Mini Stonewold because I was trying to create a contemporary feel to the house and these particular tiles complemented the vision I had perfectly.”

Adrian Gillard, Devon Homeowner and former roofing contractor

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The Solution

The Solution

The Mini Stonewold range is best known for its interlocking edges that make laying them a synch and could potentially save money on the cost of labour. 

As with all of BMI Redland’s slate range, the Mini Stonewold is fully compatible with a range of dry-fix fittings. The rigorous testing performed on all of BMI Redland’s tiles ensures that they perform to the highest standards as well as providing a visually impressive finish to any project.

One of our most flexible and economical concrete slate products, featuring interlocking edges for simple construction, Mini Stonewold is a flat concrete slate that can be laid at pitches as low as 17.5° in both new-build and reroofing projects.

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Mini Stonewold System

Mini Stonewold System

Ideal for buildings ranging from traditional to ultra-modern providing a striking classic concrete slate effect roof.

A system designed for mono or duo pitched roofs, using Mini Stonewold tiles that is ideal for use in new build or refurbishment situations. The Mini Stonewold tile provides a practical, durable and cost effective alternative to natural slate.

Key features and benefits

  • Imitation bond line to mimic small slates

  • Can be installed on roof pitches as low as 17.5 degrees

  • Peace of mind with complete system from one trusted supplier

  • Clean, bold roof aesthetics

  • Value roofing solution with no trade-off in quality

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