Eothen Homes with Saxon 10

Aesthetically attractive and simple to install, Saxon 10 Slates were a straightforward choice when it came to roofing a ground-breaking £6.2 million care facility for those with dementia.
Concrete interlocking flat tile range
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Built for Newcastle-based charity Eothen Homes, the 60-bed home, is recognised as the first of its kind in the North East, because it has been designed using research into the needs of people living with dementia. Eothen says the venue will provide a family environment where
quality of life is at the top of the agenda and a key part of the design is freedom, security and space

The 1,275m2 roof is at a pitch of 30º, though the slates can be laid at a minimum pitch as low as 17.5º, which extends the possibilities for designing distinctive roofscapes. The project also employed Redland ridge and verge components.

Manufactured with a riven surface, cut back interlock, thin leading edge and chamfered side edges, Saxon 10 Slates mimic quarried slate but have features that only machine made tiles can deliver, such as single nail fixing and no requirement for eaves or top slates.

Two vibrant, rich colours are available: A Black that matches the black-grey slate of Scotland; and Blue, which is based on the “ blue-grey slate quarried in Snowdon

  • 60 bed care facility

  • Contractor: Coachhouse 8

  • Solution: Saxon 10 Slate in Blue

Steve Howmans - Architect

“The Blue Saxon 10 Slate contrast particularly well with the red facing bricks and pleased both the planners and the client, they’ve attracted a lot of favourable comments from everyone including the roofers, who said they were easy to install.”

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"I’ve been specifying Redland slates and tiles for 20 years and never had any issues – they’ve always been delivered on time and I had no reason to change so I gave the client the choice of four samples, but with a bias towards Saxon 10."

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Saxon 10 system

Saxon 10 system

Ideal for buildings ranging from traditional to ultra-modern providing a striking classic concrete slate effect roof.

A system designed for mono or duopitched roofs, using Saxon 10 Slates that is ideal for use in new build or refurbishment situations. The Saxon 10 tile provides a practical, durable and cost effective alternative to natural slate.

Key features and benefits

  • Incorporates a thin leading edge tile

  • Tile features a riven surface with chamfered side edges

  • Can be installed on roof pitches as low as 17.5 degrees

  • Peace of mind with complete system from one trusted supplier

  • Distinctive appearance that mimics features found on natural quarried products

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