Edernish Island with Rosemary Clay Classic

A major renovation, including reroofing, of the only house on Edernish Island (built in 1904). Many restrictions and challenges faced this project but a striking red Rosemary clay roof was completed.
Rosemary Clay Classic
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Located on Edernish Island, a tiny private island on Ireland’s North West coast, sits this wooden house, built in 1904, completely at ease in the tranquility of its striking surroundings. Uniquely, this house is the only one built on Edernish Island and consequently relies on ferries for the delivery of necessities, not to mention the materials for such a major project.

The Challenge

The Challenge

The challenges of timing all deliveries to accommodate high tide, coupled with a narrow pier and very limited space on the island for storage, meant materials required to complete the project had to be ordered and delivered within very restricted time frames.

Although the weather on Edernish Island is mostly pleasant, it can also take the brunt of severe Atlantic storms. Strong gales and chilly temperatures will continue to batter the roof tiles which are more than equipped to tackle the challenge.

Rigorous testing in BMI’s wind tunnel has shown that the Rosemary Clay Classic tiles hold up to strong wind and driving rain to meet all requirements of the BS 5534 British Standard.

Another challenge which occurred was the differing pitches on either side - the solution for this was a Dry Hip System.

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The Solution

The Solution

The Edernish Island property needed a tile that would match the original style of the roof and improve its overall look, so BMI Redland’s Rosemary Clay Classic was chosen in Red. Produced from the finest clays, the Rosemary name is synonymous with quality clay plain tiles.

In regards to the roof itself, one of the owner’s primary concerns was to ensure the performance of the roof would withstand the Western Atlantic gales. For this reason, he turned to the FixMaster Online tool on the BMI website and requested guidance and reassurance on the fixing of tiles. As expected, the recommendation included twice nailing every tile, and the installation of a DryVent Ridge and Dry Hip System. 

The demands of the project were further compounded as BMI Redland recommended mixing tiles from a minimum of three pallets, to avoid patchiness and ensure a perfect variation of the red shade. Regardless of all these issues, the tilers delivered a roof to the highest quality in terms of workmanship and attention to detail.

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“This project needed a tile that would match the original style of the roof and improve the look as a whole. The homeowner has confidence in this roof being the perfect solution.”

David Callaghan, BMI Redland Technical Sales Manager for Ireland

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Rosemary Clay Classic System

Rosemary Clay Classic System

The Rosemary name is synonymous with quality clay plain tile. For over 175 years Rosemary has been adding character to British roofs. A system designed for mono or duo pitched roofs, using Rosemary Clay Classic tiles that is ideal for any new or refurbishment situation. The Rosemary Clay Classic tile provides a practical, durable and cost effective roofing solution for years to come.

Key Features and benefits

  • Produced from the finest clays

  • Smooth and sanded finishes

  • Peace of mind with complete system from one trusted supplier

  • Colours include weathered, brindled and single colours

  • Heritage look with attributes and strengths of a brand new tile

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