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The best roofing contractors, a comprehensive portfolio of training sessions, our roofing systems and the leading guarantees – all together in one single programme: grow your projects by joining BMI RoofPro.
BMI Roof Pro

A programme for roofing contractors that will benefit everyone

The intended target audience for BMI RoofPro is roofs and roofing professionals (companies and the self-employed). All the programme’s activities and advantages are aimed at roofing specialists to help them improve and grow their businesses.

  • Included in the benefits of joining the programme are training courses in the most advanced systems (BMI Academy), professional support during roof installation from our technical office (BMI Expert) and access to advanced project management tools.

  • Through this, we aim to improve the quality of installation and also to roll out the very latest roofing technology onto the market. In turn, this will also benefit both constructors and developers as the roofs will be installed safely and securely, reducing any unexpected incidents and possible delays.

  • Finally, it will also benefit the building owners and users because, by using a contractor certified by BMI RoofPro, they can rest assured they will have the highest level of roof and roofing quality thanks to the exceptional guarantees offered by BMI.

  • Because, here at BMI, we want to support roof and roofing contractors and professionals and to help them grow.

  • Because we strongly believe that professionalism and specialisation are the only way to make our sector advance towards more efficient and sustainable construction methods.

  • Because our products and systems need to be installed correctly in order to ensure that they can perform at their very best.

  • Because, working together, we can ensure that building owners have complete confidence in the roof installation and would be happy to recommend us to others.


Why BMI RoofPro?

3 membership tiers

The BMI RoofPro programme offers three tiers of membership so that all professional roofing contractors can benefit from the advantages it offers, regardless of company size or history.

The membership tier for each roofing contractor will depend on the expertise of its staff, the number of BMI Academy courses attended, its interest in BMI’s products and solutions and the level of customer satisfaction from building owners who have had work completed by that contractor.

Each level offers business advantages which will help roofing contractors grow and to make sure the very highest quality standards in roofing systems are guaranteed at all times.

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BMI RoofPro Elite and BMI RoofPro Expert certified contractors will also be able to offer building owners
BMI Systems and Solutions guarantees.

The starting tier for the programme; for roofing contractors who only carry out a few projects but who believe in quality and are interested in developing their business in a professional way.

For companies and professionals who already know BMI’s solutions and who work with us regularly. From here on, training on new solutions and satisfaction levels from end users are key in moving up to the next tier.

To reach this tier – the highest in the programme – the requirements for project numbers and quality of roofs installed is much greater. However, achieving this level also comes with the best support and benefits.

Exclusive advantages for our members

We help support project specification teams

- We get involved in projects right from the initial concept up to final drafting.

- We work together with building owners and developers to identify the correct design for your roof.

We are committed to training

- Here at BMI RoofPro, we train and certify roofing contractors.

- We organise training sessions and seminars for specifications writers at the BMI Academy.

- We provide a point of contact and learning.

We provide the best guarantees

- PRODUCT GUARANTEES: guarantee the product functions correctly.

- SYSTEM GUARANTEES: guarantee durability against water ingress and resistance to weather conditions that cause it.

- SOLUTION GUARANTEES: enhance the system guarantees to further cover issues in the installation caused by the contractor.

We offer technical support from the start of the project right the way through to completion

We monitor that all of our solutions are installed correctly and that each point of the roof is constructed to perfection.

All thanks to our BMI Expert team.

Sharing and gaining knowledge

With BMI RoofPro, you can contact other roofing contractors and installers to work together to share knowledge, good practice and solutions to problems: the best in the sector – united.

More efficient project management

Thanks to the InTouch portal, BMI RoofPro provides free tools which will help you manage your projects from initial concept to issuing guarantees.