Anna Wagrowska

Group Flat Roof Portfolio Director
How did you begin your career at BMI Group? 

I started with the business as the Marketing and Communication manager for Icopal Spain in 2010. At the time, Icopal only had a small subsidiary in Spain but I knew the brand very well; I am originally from Poland, Zdunska Wola, and I spent my childhood close to the Polish Icopal headquarters and factory!

I remember my first months discovering the small local structure of this big company, where we worked very closely together to reach common goals. Two years later, my responsibilities were enlarged to Spain and Export activity. What an exciting period it was! Travelling internationally and working with many different cultures was mind-opening and enriching. I was proud to be part of it all. 

A few years later, I was given a chance to join the French Siplast organisation as Marketing Director and, since the creation of BMI, I have been promoted to become the Marketing, Product Development and Communication Director of BMI France. This period was very challenging, but I also learned so much, not just in product and business knowledge but also building new strategy and vision with our teams.

As part of a new opportunity for me in the Group, I left France to relocate to the UK head office as Group Flat Roof Portfolio Director.

What initially drew you to working here? 

Initially, I was looking for a job where I could spread my wings, searching for autonomy and a great team to work with. I loved the feeling of being able to bring my own creativity and ideas to life and adapting them to reach the company goals. I tried to be as hands-on as possible, to learn and understand more about the business.

How has it changed since you started?

My position has changed quite a lot! But always the experience I gained from one role helped to give me a deeper understanding of the company and the market we operate in, even though it is different from one country to another. I still work with the same engagement, trying to keep an open-mind and to adapt, learning every day, and I get to work with great teams with vision and enthusiasm!

What does a typical day in your role look like?

I must say that there is no “typical day”! Every day is built on priorities and exchange with management, teams, and partners. I believe that we need to be able to adapt and act rapidly when needed. But sometimes it is also good to make time to have a laugh and a chat with my colleagues over a cup of tea in our office café.

What has been a highlight of your career with BMI so far? 

So far, my career in BMI has been more dynamic than I ever expected. This is living proof of a “meritocracy” management, for which I am very grateful.

What three words would you use to sum up BMI?

Engaging. Human. Evolutionary.

What advice would you give to prospective BMI employees?

My one piece of advice would be: don’t wait for someone to make your job exciting. Your job satisfaction depends only on you, on your attitude and what you want to achieve. At BMI, we are empowered to shape to our jobs, and this is how we make an impact on the company as a whole.

What are your hopes for the industry or the company for the future?

I hope that our company will continue to grow, investing in new technologies, driving innovation and providing modern tools to be a performance benchmark. I hope that through our activity we can leverage the quality of life of our customers, employees and partners, making a difference and growing together.

Anna Wagrowska

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