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Product catalogs and brochures

Our current product catalogs from BMI Monier, BMI GCI, BMI Everguard and BMI Sealoflex. 
Document nameFile typeSizeDownloadFile type
BMI Everguard Brochurepdf27.96 MB
BMI Everguard Installationpdf72.91 MB
BMI GCI S-Pantile Roof Tilespdf9.44 MB
BMI GCI Toscana Warisan Roof Tilespdf7.65 MB
BMI GCI Heritage V Roof Tilespdf7.46 MB
BMI GCI Marseille 12 Roof Tilespdf11.38 MB
BMI Monier Advanced Contour Roof Tilespdf8.51 MB
BMI Compactroll Plus (Ventilated Ridge & Hip)pdf11.92 MB
BMI EasyFlash Pluspdf7.42 MB
BMI Monier Elabana Tropical Roof Tilespdf11.37 MB
BMI Monier Horizon 8 Roof System (Low Pitch Roof System)pdf10.21 MB
BMI Monier Legacy Mineral Roof Systempdf10.69 MB
BMI GCI Logica Plana (Clay) Roof Tilespdf4.48 MB
BMI Monier Nordica Roof Tilespdf10.83 MB
BMI Monier Perspective Mineral Roof Systempdf11.11 MB
BMI Thermafoil Seriespdf12.91 MB
BMI Radenshield Fire X (Radiant Barrier)pdf10.98 MB
BMI Radenshield SF Superfilmpdf7.55 MB
BMI Rainwater Harvesting Systempdf35.12 MB
BMI Solar Thermal Heating Systempdf9.05 MB
BMI Thermafoil Deluxe Bubble Rpdf7.38 MB
BMI Topflex IIpdf7.45 MB
BMI Toplightpdf8.65 MB
BMI V-Pipepdf7.61 MB
BMI Sealoflex Brochurepdf86.75 MB
BMI Sealoflex Ultimapdf9.95 MB
BMI Monier Fitting Collectionpdf16.29 MB