Build With BMI Malaysia

BMI is not a business that stands still, and we don’t want you to either. We provide opportunities and encourage all our employees to develop themselves and their careers, whether through training, internal promotion, or by taking on a different role within the company.

Our global footprint means that there are often opportunities in different countries. As we grow and evolve, new opportunities emerge, presenting exciting openings for the right person to fill. We want our people to be as hungry as we are for doing things better, and for being leaders in our field.

In the end, we will always support you and empower you to find ways to succeed.

Two members of BMI discussing on roof projects

A Place of Inspiration

BMI Malaysia has a history of innovation, and of employing people who have pushed the boundaries of established products and practices to make them better.

Whether it is coming up with a new way of encouraging staff to be more energy conscious, or designing a completely new product or tool, we want to support you in making your ideas and inspirations a reality. After all, even the simplest things can make a big difference.

Your Next Great Career Move

Looking for some training? Want to try something new? Or maybe you just want some new life skills? Whatever the case, we are the answer to the next big step in your growing career.


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Read the various career stories from some of our inspirational employees and see why working for BMI is the right choice for you!

“It was always a happy working environment, the staff and colleagues are always there to support you.”

Vincent Lim
Vincent Lim

“Working in BMI gives us freedom to perform, I would say BMI is part of my life.”

Kogulan Nagaretnam

“We are always allowed to speak our minds and show our potential, and this is why I like BMI Malaysia.”