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BMI Malaysia has a large selection of roofing products for pitched roofs. Find your dream roof among our collections, with the choice of concrete or clay tiles.
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BMI Pitched Roof

BMI Pitched Roof

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If you want to plan or renovate your house roof, there are a lot of factors to consider, calculate and decide. With BMI’s decades of experience, we help you to make your decisions easier. Thinking of a classic, romantic, elegant or rather modern themed roof? We've got you covered.

The weather conditions can severely damage your roof. Our products are designed for withstanding scorching hot weather, storm, rain, hail and resist the harshest climates. We believe that safety, effective and longevity services are important to you when choosing your perfect roof. With our help, you will surely find the ideal solution for your requirements.

You can read more about our Monier concrete roof tiles and GCI clay roof tiles, which are suitable for the rain and hot weather conditions in Malaysia.

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Our Collection of Pitched Roof Top Tiles in Malaysia

Enhance Your Pitched Roof Tiles System With Our Technologies

Enhance Your Pitched Roof Tiles System With Our Technologies

We can easily integrate BMI Monier Energy Efficient System Solutions into ALL pitched roofs, regardless of which type of roof tiles you use. You can maximize your cost savings by making your pitched roof an energy efficient one with CoolRoof and Rainwater Harvesting Systems.

Toplight Solar roof system

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With two of the leading and best-known Malaysian brands, we offer roofing solutions of different materials for different needs and buildings.