Rainwater Harvesting System

BMI plays a vital part in developing a sustainable water resource path for the community through the Rainwater Harvesting System.
Rainwater Harvesting System Malaysia

BMI Monier Rainwater Harvesting System

Conserving water for sustainable living

The BMI Monier Rainwater Harvesting System taps into our abundant rainfall to collect, filter, store, and recycle rainwater, which can be used for watering the gardens, flushing the toilets, etc. Designed as an integrated, eco-friendly solution to conserve water, this rainwater harvesting system works in tandem with your home’s water supply. Any time your rainwater storage tank runs empty after heavy usage, the device will automatically switch back to the main water supply without any disruptions.

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Leak-Proof System

LeakProof System

Simplifying rainwater harvesting

Simplifying rainwater harvesting

Water is one of our most precious resources. Here’s where water conservation plays a significant role in ensuring we have a sustainable supply of clean water for now and for the future. Start your water conservation journey today with rainwater harvesting to reduce your reliance on municipal water.

BMI MONIER Rainwater Harvesting System provides a simple yet comprehensive solution to help you collect and utilise rainwater efficiently. Created with modern lifestyles in mind, this eco-friendly device can be integrated into your home’s main water supply to offer a seamless system for harvesting rainwater without compromising convenience and ease.

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