Project Support

We support you through the construction process with free technical advice, project meetings, drawings, etc. at every stage of the project. It doesn't matter if it is a major renovation project or a new building, a private or commercial building. Feel free to ask for advice!

We will help you through all phases:

Planning and design - choosing roofing materials (roofing or bitumen materials) and underlays with all essential accessories. We send samples if needed, find reference objects for you, help you with building requirements and roofing standards.

Purchasing Process - We assist with calculating the right quantities of roofing materials and accessories so that the construction process does not cause unpleasant price surprises in the form of ever-increasing details, and find roofing solutions that meet your building requirements.

Construction   - consulting as well as training contractors and installers , if necessary, including on the construction site. Support for monitoring and we help to evaluate the quality of work.

On completion - with a track record dating back to 1949 locally and 1852 Internationally we have you covered with after sales service and advice.